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David Bond,

I want to take this time to "Thank Everyone" at Thousand Oaks Auto, For the quick and professional manner that was extended to myself on 11/13/09. Being from out of town and having your fuel pump go out late on a Friday afternoon one feels all alone. But you'll took the Bull by the Horn and took care me and my lady Suzie like family. The work was completed by Saturday and the Tahoe runs great! Tell Mr. Harris he should be very proud of his team!. Its with no reservation that I would recommend Thousand Oaks Auto to anyone!

Al Parrish and Suzette Hubbard


We have moved to Austin and regretfully will not be using Thousand Oaks Automotive in the future. I wish to express my appreciation for the fourteen years of outstanding service from Thousand Oaks on numerous vehicles. Excellent work, good value, trustworthy service and competent, friendly people at one location are hard to find, Thousand Oaks Automotive provides all. I hope I can find a comparable shop in Austin. Best of luck to all in the future at Thousand Oaks Automotive.


Darwin J. Moneyhon


Satisfied Customer

Dave Bond is always so personable! He is also very attentive when I'm telling him what seems to be wrong with my car. Thousand Oaks needs to appreciate employee's such as Dave!

Lisa W. - San Antonio, TX

My wife and I are pleased. In today's world it's hard to find a good automotive shop that will be up-front with the customer. Most of them are about seeing just how much money can be made off a customer. Good honest automotive shops are indeed hard to find. We customers are at your mercy, you're the doctor for our cars. Whatever you say we do almost all of the time. So keep up the good work and good luck with your business. A truly satisfied customer.

Eddie & Andrea- San Antonio, TX

Thousand Oaks Automotive is more than just a profit oriented business. The Thousand Oaks team I know is friendly and sincere, truly interested in helping customers maintain their vehicles in a quality manner. The last time I visited was a spur of the moment thing. I saw fluid on a mat under my Chrysler van, and was wondering if something was wrong. David Bond listened to my concerns, conveyed them to some of the team in the shop. Was I ever surprised when one of those men, Len, came in and asked me to come out to the shop and show him what I was concerned about. I got to meet Steve, one of the more experienced guys, too. They showed me the underside of a vehicle that was physically dirty, but mechanically clean and sound. It gave me an opportunity to see a different angle of their work, and appreciate the pride and concern the shop team takes in its work. There was no problem this time, so no charge. But it left a forever-type impression on me about the quality and integrity of their work. So, would I recommend it to a friend? YOU BET I WOULD!! San Antonio needs to have one or two more well-maintained vehicles on its streets. If I can influence that by recommending Thousand Oak Automotive, I sure will!

Jim F. - San Antonio, TX

I've been taking my cars to you since you opened your doors. I always recommend you guys to friends that need an auto shop.

Andrea K - San Antonio, TX

We were very pleased when your company referred us to the dealer for warranty work that totaled about $2000. Thanks to you we did not have to pay that money.

Anonymous - San Antonio, TX

You Guys always do a great job! Even now that I live 65 miles away I still come to you.

Don B. - New Braunfels, TX

Great service as usual--thanks for being able to do all the work that was needed on a Saturday!!

S Cruickshank - Bulverde, TX

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